How the woods family helped me with my photography

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Sylvia's GrandChildrenSylvia's GrandChildrenJuly 14, 2012

The Woods Family


Learning Photography is a journey like any other skill. I arrived here thru music. I was an active musician and had the idea to document my rehearsals and performances and then I fell in love with the camera. When there was no rehearsal or performance to capture I thought to capture the home of the renassaince ,Harlem as it was going thru it's gentrification.  I thought capturing buildings and things would be easier than capturing people but I learned that is not the case. I met this young woman and she so happened to be a grandchild of the founder of the world famous Sylvia's SoulFood Restaurant. We would talk about things in harlem and see eachother in passing while at the restaurant and from one of our conversations her learning of me wanting to shoot so I can improve my photography skills she came up with the idea to shoot her and her family for a day at the park or something. That was perfect for the both of us, I was very excited and thankful for her to be open enough to want to hang and have the patience for me to figure things out as we went. 

During the shoot she arrived with 5 other beautiful grandchildren of Sylvia's and they all had beautiful smiles, personalities and energy. We were ready to Shoot!

My first shot was the girls sitting on the rocks, I wasn't sure what the rules were to capture a group like this so I did what I thought was best and this is the image. Now today I wouldn't capture the image in this way even tho I like the energy in the photo however the issue I have is the composition of the image, the grandchild all the way on the right is almost popping out of the frame and by looking at the far left I could of just panned my camera more over to the right to make this just right. The other issue I realized when i got home is that I was shooting in jpg and with that I couldn't retrieve any lost data from the over exposed white shirts.

This shoot gave me the data to assess my skills by experiencing different conditions while capturing people while family or friends weren't ever available, I didn't perfect it after this shoot however I begin to ask the right questions to help me understand what to do next.

By the way, I will always be a student and continue to learn and apply my skills in photography , Computer Programming , Music , Design, Videography and Editing. Please click on the image to see the gallery, Thank you and leave a message!

Sylvia's GrandChildrenSylvia's GrandChildrenJuly 14, 2012

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Receiving my TeamFearless Award for Capturing Hip Hop, Presented to me by Roxanne ShanteReceiving my TeamFearless Award for Capturing Hip Hop, Presented to me by Roxanne Shante
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