20 Questons to ask the venue

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20 questions to ask the venue before you book

Questions after 20 will be suggested by venues


  1. What is your Budget?

    1. Having a venue is a major priority to hold an event however there are other cost as well such as photography, flowers, catering, lighting, alcohol and music (Just to name a few) so knowing how much of your budget you want to spend on a venue will help you save everybody some time and stress.

  2. What type of Event are you having?

    1. Some spaces may be too large for your event and you wouldn't want your event to seem empty. Ask the venue manager if the room can be adjusted for a smaller or larger event and at what cost?

    2. This is a question you ask early in the process of looking for your venue

    3. Ask the venue manager for Pictures so you can see how the space has transformed in prior events

  3. Are you looking for Catering or are you bringing your own food?

    1. Many venues require clients to use their own kitchen staff and catering services

    2. Some venues may have a preferred list of caterers they only allow to cater in their venue

    3. If you are unsure of the quality of their catering, then ask for a tasting

    4. Ask the venue if they can create a menu based on any allergies

    5. If the venue allows you to bring in your own food or alcohol are there any fees attached

    6. Ask the venue If you are able to bring your own alcohol is it a requirement to use their bartenders?

    7. When do they need to know the number of guests and are you able to add any at the last minute? Get this in writing

  4. What is the Venue’s max capacity?

    1. This information will inform you on some important decisions like 

      1. Your catering budget

      2. The cost of Catering and Alcohol serving at your event is calculated per head also this information will give you a clue on how many invites to send out.

  5. How much time do you have to set up and break down?

    1. It is important that you and the event venue manager are on the same page.

    2. If there is another event prior to yours on the same day how much time will you have to set up? If you're booked at 4pm and you come in at 3pm and come to find out a party is just about to wrap up at 3:30pm how will this affect your event?

  6. Are there any extra fees you should know about?

    1. small numbers can add up quickly so ask about other fees that you should be aware of and get this in writing.

  7. What does parking look like?

    1. If a venue has a parking lot don't assume that their parking lot is free

    2. Is parking available

    3. If parking is not available ask venue if they have a list of lots nearby or shuttle services that you can book for your guest

  8. Are there any Private rooms available? 

    1. Don't assume that any extra rooms you may see is available to you

    2. Ask if there is a fee or does it come with the rental

    3. some Guest of Honor like to make a grand entrance and may need the room for preparation

  9. What is the Cancellation policy?

    1. Ask the venue manager about their policy on last minute cancellation

  10. Does the Venue have a list of vendors?

    1. Most venues keep list of other vendors and will be happy to share this information with you

  11. What is your Cleaning policy?

    1. Is cleaning included in the price of the venue rental

    2. ask venue manager so you can plan better

  12. Are there any Noise restrictions?

    1. Is there a time you may need to cut the music off

    2. Ask your venue manager about any noise policy

  13. Will there be a Point person at the venue?

    1. Ask the manager is there any point person provided

    2. it's a good idea to meet the point person beforehand that will help you during your event

  14. Are tables and Chairs included?

    1. If tables and chairs are included this will help you tremendously in saving money

    2. Ask venue if they have any vendor list to help you find table and chair rentals

  15. Is any Venue insurance required?

    1. It is common practice for venues to require insurance 

    2. It's also important to ask the venue if other vendors need to be additionally insured while working at the venue

    3. The average venue insurance cost is about $51 per month or $612 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance. On the other hand, the average one-day event venue insurance cost is $177. Venue insurance price varies due to different reasons. This is because several factors determine the cost of venue  insurance www.insuranks.com/venue-insurance

  16. Is there a Damage deposit?

    1. Most venues have refundable deposits

    2. Most venues will return the deposit in a month after confirming there was no damage during your event

  17. How long are you and your team allowed on the premises?

    1. ask the manager how much time  you and your team have to decorate and occupy the venue space your renting

    2. You want to make sure you and your team have enough time to decorate your vision and also have enough time to clean it up at the end

    3. Many venues charge an hourly fee if you go over your allotted time

  18. How easy is it for Guests to find the venue?

    1. Ask venue manager about local transportation and the venues accessibility 

  19. Is there any security in place?

    1. Does the venue provide security?

    2. Is the venue well secured

    3. Do you have to secure the space your renting?

  20. Will there be a Janitor available?

    1. Remember people need to use the bathrooms and drinks spill on the floor while the event is happening

    2. Will there be someone on the premise to fix a toilet or sink if needed

    3. Will there be enough tissue in the bathrooms

    4. If a glass breaks or a drink spill  will there be someone available to assist with this task so you can attend to your guest




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